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Are you looking for your perfect San Diego, CA photographer? We would be thrilled to work with you. Look around our site, see our work, do you like our family pictures? What about the portraits? Can you feel the love in our couples sessions? We sure can. 
Let's find the best location, from San Diego, Chula Vista, Temecula, Tijuana, or maybe even Germany, we love to travel and capture your memories anywhere in the world.




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WE BELIEVE IN MEMORIES AND all the tiny unforgettable things that happen in between. WE like to have fun, as you can tell by our colorful hair. for the past 6+ years we have been working hard to create and give the best to our clients, and we will keep working even harder every day.


We love...

Yui, our adopted puppy girl
Chocolate chip cookies (Luis)
Chocolate cake (Ingrid) 
changing our hair to fun colors
each other! 8 years and counting




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professional headshots

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I actually get to see my real beauty in these pictures, while in regular everyday photos I look just "normal". This experience is worth it! It's a wonderful experience to be able to get all dressed up, take pictures and be yourself. I think everyone should do it.

I had a great time, Ingrid and Luis are great and so fun. Everyone should feel like a model once in their life!

comfortable & beautiful!"

"They made me feel

-portrait session-

Everything was so professional, Ingrid and Luis made us feel at ease and very relaxed. My daughters were so happy taking pictures with their little sister! Valentina was very happy because they pampered her by bringing a heater! That was great because she wasn't cold during her first photographic experience. We were very excited to have the Premiere to see all the pictures since the sneak peeks were incredible! You count with our recommendation 100%. Thank you very much for everything.


"We loved

Gisela, The L Family 
-Newborn session-

It was such a memorable session, I felt so happy and confident. I look beautiful in the photos, I love every scene, such and enjoyable and fun experience. 

I would definitely encourage my friends to have this unforgettable experience where you can be yourself and show your essence.

I live that moment again."

"Every time I see the photos

-portrait session-

I thought it would be like any other photo session I have ever had, but during the session Ingrid and Luis helped me feel comfortable and not shy in front of the camera. It was a really fun experience because I was relaxed and was guided throughout the entire session. I was laughing and enjoying the experience.

This experience was completely worth it and I would highly encourage anyone looking for an amazing photoshoot to experience this too.

I couldn't be happier."

"When I saw my portraits

-portrait session-

I'm grateful and honored to have you help make my life unforgettable! Walking every day pass the memory lane of pictures at my house puts a big smile on my face every single day! I Love you really! Thank you!

important Little moments."

"You capture the most 

Mirna, The P Family
-family session-

 My session was at a place I really enjoy, the beach! It was sunny and just too perfect, Through my shoot I was not only posing but also laughing and really enjoying my time in front of the camera. 
I like spontaneous pictures and they got the best of them! I hope Ingrid and Luis never stop making memories and smiles for all of us.  Everyone should make room in their agenda for this because it's not just a photoshoot or some pictures on the wall, it's an experience that lasts forever.

every good moment."

"They captured

-portrait session-

I expected the best, and that is what I got! I love the pictures, they are simply amazing! These don't compare to any others I have seen, they are really good. 

It's worth having a memory of my Kasy's graduation, and Ingrid & Luis did a great job! I totally recommend them to everyone I know!

they are so good!"

"I love the pictures,

patty, kassandra's mom
-grad portrait session-

are you ready to make it happen?

This is a laugh-out-loud type of session. We'll go to you for a pre consultation to get every detail covered: from outfits to locations, we will help you design your beautiful session every step of the way. Sessions last up to 2 hours and are scheduled to be around two hours before sunset to get a soft and pretty light. Moms: Before the session you'll be pampered with a professional makeup artist. One less thing to worry about!

A week after your session we will go to your home for your Session Premiere: this is when you see your pictures for the first time ever (and with yummy treats, just like a movie premiere!) and order what your heart desires for your new beautiful memories.

Session Fee

Average family investment


when you find the way to treasure life's best little moments your heart skips a beat. But when you find a way to display them with pride, then your heart glows. And everyone can tell. 

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when you find the way to treasure life's best little moments your heart skips a beat. But when you find a way to display them with pride, then your heart glows. And everyone can tell. 

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